Noodling Around Team

We are a team of smart, creative women who assembled our talents, passions and good, old fashioned friendship to bring Noodling Around San Francisco to fruition. Why? Because we want to challenge women to awaken to their true purpose through thought-provoking neighborhood guidebooks, inspiring workshops and online community.


Sheila McElroy, Chief Noodler and Founder, has lived in San Francisco for over 23 years. She combined her former career as a historic preservation consultant, with recent experience in destination management, to establish Noodling Around LLC. Sheila believes that long, meandering walks through urban neighborhoods connects us to our humanity - past, present and future. She also believes that appreciating the details of our surroundings gets us out of our own insular lives and opens our minds to greater possibilities. 


Heidi Asztaos, Chief Financial Noodler and Partner, wants to live in a world where business can be a path of awakening and purposeful living. As an MBA with more than 20 years of experience, Heidi has been responsible for raising revenue for a number of high-profile, diverse businesses and organizations located in the hub of San Francisco’s Financial District. At Noodling Around LLC, Heidi is responsible for all aspects of business management and financial planning. Noodling Around San Francisco has helped Heidi change the way she looks at her beloved city. 


Michelle Venus, Creative Director

From marketing and editorial copy, audio and video production, to product and graphic design - Michelle's entire career has been centered around storytelling. For Noodling Around, she has translated many pages of Sheila's noodle doodles, photos and neighborhood context into a double-sided guidebook/journal that is both practical and delightful to use.


We are grateful to come together on a project that is sure to engage women with their surroundings and with themselves. 


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Inspiring women to choose their path, 

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What's "Noodling Around" ?

Noodling Around is an expression meaning to wander about, a bit aimlessly but also mindfully. It's done with a light heart and a genuine sense of curiosity.