Nesting on Nob Hill

July 11, 2017

I never thought I’d leave Noe Valley – and then I did.


A year ago I landed on Lower Nob Hill (the southern slope of Nob Hill) strategically located between my past and my future. Nob Hill is a large area generally bounded by Broadway on the north, Powell to the east, Post on the south and Van Ness to the west, but I vaguely knew it beyond Grace Cathedral and the Big Four at the very top. What I discovered is a delightful village-like community that offers bustling commerce centered along Polk Street and quiet, private enclaves - despite major thoroughfares and two cable car lines slicing through the very heart of it. I found a little nest with a spectacular view of the city below and am really enjoying the neighborhood. There is plenty to cover in this eclectic center of the city but here are some early discoveries that I never tire of.


Flats and apartment buildings like this are abundant throughout Nob Hill particularly north of California Street. Since 99 9/10% of Nob Hill was wiped out in the fire following the 1906 earthquake there is an array of styles from Revival, Art Deco and Pre-war buildings that offer such a flowery welcome.





























Joice Steps lead up to Joice Street between Pine and California. While there are other steps and connectors in this area (to be discussed in another post) this one is a bit sunnier and more actively used due to the width and it's location just west of Powell. If their steepness puts you off you can access from California and walk down. Worth a stroll




































I am a sucker for a beautiful door. I even have an entire Pinterest page dedicated to them! This pair of brass-clad beauties is mysterious as there is no sign or any indication as to the business behind them but enjoy their craftsmanship just the same. Located on the south side of Sutter between Levenworth and Jones.































Noodling Necessities:

Corner markets abound in Nob Hill but don’t offer restroom facilities, and most cafes are packed with paying customers. Your best bet is Trader Joe's at Hyde and California. The adjoining CVS has cold beverages, sunblock and Band-Aids.

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