Cool and Collected in Glen Park

August 4, 2017

Everything I love about Bird and Beckett is probably what some folks dislike about it.


It’s cramped, a bit frumpy, sometimes you have to step over people to get to the aisle you want, and there’s no coffee bar. Just my kind of place. B&B is a bookstore heavy on classics and light on best sellers. They also have a treasure trove of records - actual vinyls - with scratches and pops and all that goes with them. And if you don’t understand the name reference you may wonder why [in this already squeezed-for-space shop] are jazz musicians here taking up so much room? There are also cats. Not just “cool cats” but felines. They purr.


Did I mention I love it?


Bird and Beckett was the first store I went to in Glen Park and not much has changed in over 20 years. It is one of the most consistent and authentic shops in SF. It’s not following trends or trying to be everything to everyone. In addition to selling books the owners promote music and put in a real effort to support the arts. Go on-line at to learn more about their Cultural Legacy Project which was established to support living writers and musicians in the Bay Area, and for the live music schedule.

















Like it’s namesakes Charlie “Bird” Parker and Samuel Beckett the shop is thoughtful, complex and honest. There is no pretending here. Just good books, sweet jazz and real people.
















Located at 653 Cherney St, SF (415) 586-3733

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