Celebrate Art for a Chilly Heart

August 12, 2017

When your head is splitting from too much business-speak, when “the bottom line” is laying at the bottom of your heart, or you are just plain tired, get a fix. Of art that is. Exuberant, expressive, playful art and fashion at Victor Tung Couture.


The shop/studio is located in the middle of another Financial District respite, Commercial Street https://www.noodlingaroundsf.com/single-post/2017/08/09/Commercial-Street-Frayed-Ribbon-Tied-to-The-Past. It is not a typical designer clothing store or typical anything store! It is a place where art, fashion, and found objects are celebrated. With a little philosophy on the side. I discovered this place last year when I was suffering at a soul-sucking job. The front entrance was so enticing and welcoming with its’ red door and Wabi Sabi attitude I actually inhaled for the first time all day.












It’s unexpected and delightful. You are drawn inside by the tall, white walls with colors and shapes displayed everywhere. Tung will likely nod to you from his office perch. “Look around, look around”, you are encouraged. “Try something on”, he says, referring to his beautiful one-of-a-kind hand painted dresses, scarves, jackets and vests. I’m always distracted by any number of tiny objects and curiosities thoughtfully gathered: a bowl of stones, a 1930s portrait, a Japanese figurine. It’s very modern yet at the same time comfortable and charming.










When you are noodling around the area be sure to give yourself the gift of stopping by. We all need a little art and curiosity in our life. At Victor Tung Couture, you can buy it, you can wear it, you can just look around, but don’t ignore it.























note that Victor Tung Couture is open Monday thru Friday only

visit http://victortung.weebly.com/

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