Noodling Around SF(O)

August 17, 2017

How many hours have you spent at San Francisco Airport just waiting and waiting for your loved one? You check the "Arrivals" board to be absolutely sure the plane is delayed by 2 hours. Maybe someone made a mistake? Maybe the pilot made up time? Face it, it’s actually worse - there is a 3-hour delay. What to do when you are on the boring side of security without the cool neighborhood-based restaurants and magazine/trinket shops at the gates? You noodle!







SFO provides some of the best pre-security diversions you can reasonably ask for at an airport. There are large, beautiful sculptures, comfy “egg” chairs, ever-changing art exhibits and the obligatory coffee bar in all four terminals. However, my saving grace for distraction and entertainment is the International Terminal. No matter which terminal the delayed plane will be docking at, it’s easy to wander on over by either taking the free AirTrain or the connecting walkways.























The main ticketing area has a high, loft-like ceiling that allows light to pour into the space, and the food courts (yes, plural) offer a great selection of eats and beverages. Unexpected pleasures include boutique shops, the Berman Reflection Room (the yoga room is in Terminal 2), three Main Hall art exhibit locations to meander about, and the Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum and Library [check for hours].







So grab a snack and beverage, and take a mini vacation for yourself. The combined attractions and diversions will keep you moving as well as entertained. The only trick will be minding the time. You have a flight to meet!
























Noodling Necessities:

The International Terminal has two food courts where you can choose from SF-based eateries. Restrooms, ATMs, a medical center and even an animal relief area are available

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