Eyes Wide Open

September 13, 2017

 What is it that we see when we go noodling about? We’ve embraced a healthier lifestyle, committed to walking from work/to dinner/meeting up with friends etc., but are we aware of our walking or just getting from Point A to Point B to ratchet-up the step numbers? How about we decide to add some awareness to our surroundings as we embrace our meanderings. How about we engage with our community one smile at a time. It costs nothing and no equipment is necessary. Nothing to do really except practice awareness with a capitol “A”.

And it does take practice.











Start small by noticing the details of houses, stop to read a random note taped to a light post, smile at the guy selling flowers on the sidewalk. These everyday mental snapshots are what add color and dimension to our lives, and as the weeks pass by a patchwork of connectivity is stitched together.











When we say “I’ve never noticed that before”, we will also never see it the same way again. That heightened awareness, even if fleeting, centers us in that moment – and it feels good because we experience gratitude.



Ansel Adams said, “How high your awareness level is determines how much meaning you get from your world.” Let’s awaken our eyes to things we are walking by every day, and open the door to letting beauty enhance our lives. This is a life with meaning and we can walk this world together.




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