Gratitude in B&W

October 19, 2017

Recently I was nominated to participate in the “Seven Days, Seven Black and White Photos…” I’m not sure who started this trend or why. I’m not sure if I got the directions correct except “no people, no explanations”.



Maybe some of the pix are good, maybe not - it doesn’t matter

because what I learned was worth any trouble fussing with the shadows

and the filtering process.

















All I knew when I started was that I wanted to

select photos from places I love and have been to within the last year.









What came into focus (so to speak) was how much I love to hold a moment still. Each image caught between one breathe and another.


















Moments when I spontaneously looked up at a cornice or through a window,

a random decision to turn a corner or peer through a fence.







In the short time in which I see something and take the photo is a brief meditation. I think about nothing but the shot. It’s very intimate.




I feel that these are little gifts given to me. A reminder from the universe that life is magical and beautiful if I just stay open to it.








When I walk away I always say a mental “thank you” because I was raised to be grateful for gifts, no matter how small.











And I never know if I’ll get another.







Western Addition, San Francisco

Reid's Palace Resort, Madeira Portugal

Alleyway, Chinatown San Francisco

The Marina, San Francisco

CPMC Library, San Francisco

Benefit Street, Providence

SOHO Side Yard, New York



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